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These are the New Season’s Biggest Trends in Women’s Clothing

a pile of knitted winter or autumn sweaters on the EXZJ

It’s a well-known fact that trends in women’s clothing are constantly being renewed and recycled, while they are always influenced by what’s generally happening in the world. So, after several seasons of more comfortable lines and clothes, due to current circumstances, is it perhaps time for a slight return to glam? Keep reading for some of the best 21/22 trends that will accompany us from now until summer.

Knit dresses, sweaters, bags, vests and so many more cozy pieces will continue to offer us comfort this season.

As we mentioned above, after a long absence, glam is back in women’s clothing… Sequins, glitter and metallic fabrics are coming to prove that we can look glamorous even at home!

Synthetic fur
With so many incredible synthetic fur options there are no more excuses to wear real fur. Synthetic fur is here to stay and can even be paired with more comfortable women’s clothing – like tracksuits – to add a touch of affordable luxury to any look.

Colors and prints
This dull period we are going through doesn’t allow for so many dull colors, even in autumn or winter… Bright, bold colors and cheerful prints will cheer us up this year and give us unparalleled style!

Mini skirt
Although we could say that the mini skirt never goes out of fashion, now it’s definitely having its moment. Pair it with tights and comfortable women’s clothes like sweaters and hoodies for relaxed, winter looks. You can also choose it with pleats for even trendier results.

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