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How to Teach Children to Love and Care for Their Clothes

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You could say that children have a special relationship with clothes, and in most cases they would rather receive toys as gifts than children’s clothing. Parents, on the other hand, are not thrilled when children throw, soil and generally do not take care of their clothes…

Let’s look at some ways to teach children how to love and care for clothes!

1. Allow them to choose
Most children’s clothes have beautiful designs and colours. But every child has their own personality and it’s important that they have a say – within limits of course – in what they want to wear. That way they will love it and notice it more.

2. Encourage children to donate their old clothes
Because children are constantly growing, they always need new clothes. Encourage them to save their old clothes for children who need them most and choose together where to donate them, explaining how important this gesture is.

3. Go shopping together
It is important for children to understand that children’s clothes have value. Something they will definitely realize on a shopping trip with parents. At the same time, they will have the opportunity to voice their opinion and make choices. This process will help them appreciate them more.

4. Make taking care of clothes a game
Folding, washing, folding and hanging clothes will all seem very enjoyable in the eyes of children if you find creative ways to turn it into a game and if you do it together!

Follow these tips and you can be sure your little ones will love and appreciate clothes in an instant!

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